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Aeropress coffee brewing

how does it work?

Aeropress - alternative brewing method that has become popular

An Aeropress is a relatively new brewing method for coffee. This is a method that has received a lot of attention in the coffee world, and rightly so. The unique thing is that this is a very simple brewing process, but which gives a very good coffee! By using hand power in a smart way, anyone can easily and quickly brew a good coffee with an Aeropress.

We think the aeropress should really get even more attention, but since it is such a cheap method and it is not possible to sell a lot of accessories, there is low interest from all coffee machine manufacturers.

The aeropress, as the name implies, pushes the water through the coffee powder with the help of air. The whole thing is done through a simple but ingeniously designed plastic container, with only one's hand power. It's not difficult, but a bit like in a press coffee jug, although you press with air instead. Does that sound weird? Watch the video below, and you will understand.

How does an Aeropress work?
Reusable filters for Aeropress

By default, an Aeropress comes with a paper filter, but as you saw in the video above, there are metal filters as well. If you want to use your Aeropress often, we recommend getting an Aerorpress steel filter - so you do not have to have a paper filter every time, and it is easy to clean. Well worth the extra money!



If you have ground coffee, it is best to buy ground espresso coffee. It needs to be relatively finely ground, so pre-ground brewed coffee is not the best. But instead more ground espresso coffee, such as Passalacqua Harem ground ground coffee tex.

But you get the best coffee for an Aeropress by buying whole espresso beans . Freshly ground coffee beans have the best aroma, which Aeropress' brewing method really highlights. If you grind whole beans, it is important to keep in mind that it should be relatively finely ground - not as finely ground as with espresso brewing, but finer than with brewed coffee or press coffee. There are several different types of coffee that are well suited, and you can have your favorite coffee and try it. We recommend either an Italian bean, such as Passalacqua Harem 100% Arabica , or one of KW Karlberg's coffee beans , which with its special roasting method gives interesting flavors.

To have an Aeropress at home and try different coffee beans and their flavors, we strongly recommend for anyone who has an ambition as a barista!


What coffee can I use in an Aeropress?

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