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Everything you want

know about coffee

TEDx talk

"Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee"

TED, who are known for inspiring short videos on lots of different topics, have made a new series, where they explain things. One of the sections is about coffee, which of course we find interesting!

The video goes through the main steps around coffee - that where coffee is grown matters, how the taste is affected by how you treat the coffee berry after harvest, and how you roast, and how different brewing processes play a role.

In the video, which is just under a quarter of an hour long, they go into all that with a little detail.

  • The difference between the wet and dry method for separating the pulp from the coffee seeds, and how these affect the taste - that for example the fermentation of the dry method can affect the fruitiness and acidity of the coffee.

  • They go through how coffee from different countries can taste different, depending on the height at which they are grown (however, there are many more details that are not mentioned).

  • They also talk about how roasting affects, and what a dark roast means for the coffee taste and a lighter roasting highlights more nuances from the coffee beans.

  • And they go through how the brewing method affects the taste, and the difference between Chemex pour over and press coffee is taken as an example.

A good introduction to coffee, even if many things do not catch up. For example, it is not mentioned how important the degree of grinding affects the brewing, and that it is important to have the right degree of grinding for the right kind of coffee.

And we clearly agree with what is said initially in the film - many people drink their coffee routinely and without reflecting on it, but with a little deeper knowledge, a whole new world can open up for many. Feel free to tell others to watch this video and learn a little more!

Are you interested in some coffees from high altitudes that are not so dark roasted? Then maybe try one of KW Karlberg's coffees , such as their Aroma, which is both fairtrade, organic, strictly high growth and roasted according to the slightly unusual slow roast roasting . Or try Passalacqua Mekico roasted in Italy, which is a high-altitude coffee, perfect as an espresso bean.

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