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Barista training

Barista course in Stockholm

"Wonderful course and wonderful teachers"
Lotta Svensson - further trained as a barista with us.

Image by Daniel Norris

About us

Scandinavian School of Coffee is a barista education based in Stockholm and Helsingborg. We have a long tradition from the café world and have connected with us outstanding experts in everything from brewing to making the perfect espresso. In addition to the training, we also run the e-commerce, where we sell coffee beans and espresso beans but also coffee machines, both espresso machines , coffee makers and moka brewers .
Learn more about us who are behind the training here.

A course with practice and theory

It is important to us that an education is not just a theory - to know coffee varieties, or learn geography. It is mainly a course focusing on what is required to work as a barista - how do I brew a good espresso, how do I froth the milk in the right way, how do I use an espresso machine. But also details - tips on how to work well in a café, basic hygiene and regulations, and latte art.

Our goal is that after completing the course you should feel comfortable and at home in a café environment - as much behind as in front of the counter.

Barista training that teaches you the basics

Our courses are very much appreciated, and we are proud to constantly work to improve our material and ourselves. All educators are respected individuals often with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, and specialize in various parts. We have a strong focus on teaching you the basics of working as a barista, and what makes you feel safe and also respect for the profession.

Our weekend training for baristas is intensive and in-depth, but provides knowledge as well as frequent contacts for life. We are proud that educations have become a matter of course for many in Stockholm and in the industry, and a clear path into the café world.

Our barista courses in Stockholm are for you who want to work as a barista, but have no experience from the café and service industry. These are two intense and educational days where you will learn everything from the basics - espresso brewing, beans, skim milk and lots of interesting curiosities.

We provide barista courses in both Stockholm and Helsingborg. The two courses contain the same elements and provide the same knowledge. Our goal is to learn through the digital parts in advance and then with two intensive days what otherwise takes several months to become good at. In other words, the course is very intensive. After the course, we hope that you have gained insight into a barista's basics and the jobs that a barista performs.

Kommande kurstillfällen:

Online kurser -

Börja när du vill! 

Barista bas

20-21 Juli 2024 (Malmö)

17-18 Aug 2024 (Göteborg)

28-29 Sep 2024 (Stockholm)

Kaffekurs: Kväll (Helsingborg)

 24 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20

Latte Art Basic

25 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Malmö)

16 Aug 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Göteborg)

30 Sep 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Stockholm)

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