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Become a coffee expert

with Scandinavian School of Coffee

Are you interested in becoming a coffee expert?

For those of you who have a burning interest in coffee but do not want to start working as a barista in a café or restaurant. Then this is a course for you. The course takes you through the history of coffee, both globally and nationally, and teaches you what role coffee plays in society today.

During the course, there will be guest lecturers and study visits to, among other places, the historic Zoéga's factory in Helsingborg. There you will see what the production process looks like when a coffee bean turns into ground coffee which then turns into drinking coffee. The course will also make field observations to map and explain how coffee is used today and what development areas there are in the coffee industry. In short - the course will teach you everything you need to know about coffee.

The course has three focus areas: History, manufacturing and the future .


The first part of the course will be about the history of coffee, both globally and its role in Swedish society. We will thoroughly uncover what coffee actually is for something and how the coffee bean got its prominent role in society as we see it today. We will also go deeper into Swedish history and how coffee turned the Swedes' lives upside down and revolutionized our way of socializing with each other. Historians and experts will, together with our own competent staff, invite you to a journey you will soon forget.


The second part of the course will cover the production process of the coffee, which we then buy ground and pre-packaged in the stores. We show you the coffee bean's long journey from the coffee plantations in Colombia to the roasteries in Sweden. During part 2, we will make a study trip to one of Sweden's oldest roastery factories. Zoégas factory in Helsingborg.

The concluding part focuses on the popularity of coffee and its development in the global and domestic markets. What role will coffee play in 20 years? Will coffee continue to be a social phenomenon or will the role of coffee change character? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer. To help, we will conduct field surveys at cafes and restaurants in Helsingborg to find out what trends are current right now and what industry staff think about the development.

Moment 1 - History
Part 2 - The production
Moment 3 - The future

Barista basic

  • Online course (15 moments)

  • Digital test

  • Certificate

Barista Advance

  • Online course (15 moments)

  • Digital test

  • 2 days internship (learn to make coffee)

  • Practical test

  • Grade + diploma


Kommande kurstillfällen:

Online kurser -

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