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Cold Brew

the cold coffee trend

Cold Brew - cold coffee you can make at home!

Cold Brew is a relatively new trend in coffee, which has received a lot of attention in recent years. However, brewing cold coffee, as it means, is really nothing new. It has been done for hundreds of years. As early as the 17th century, coffee was brewed in Japan, where it is known as Kyoto Coffee. It is said that the need to brew cold coffee came because it could be easily transported when you were traveling, and then when the craving for coffee fell on, it was just to heat up your cold coffee. But now, 400 years later, it is one of the biggest coffee trends that gives you the enjoyment of coffee and cools you at the same time.

It is quite easy to brew Cold Brew coffee at home. For this we recommend one of the following coffees. The coffee should be coarsely ground, preferably coarsely ground than with brewed coffee, but not quite as coarsely ground as with pressed coffee.

You can use many different types of coffee for Cold Brew. We recommend that you buy one of the following as whole beans, and grind yourself if you have a coffee grinder:



No advanced equipment is required to make Cold Brew. It is enough with coffee, cold water, a coffee filter and a container that can be closed - such as a larger glass jar or place bucket. How to use:

  1. Measure out 150 grams of coarsely ground coffee and pour it into the container that can be closed.

  2. Pour on 1 liter of cold water and stir.

  3. Close tightly with the lid, set in the fridge.

  4. Let it stand and extract for a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 24 hours. Stir at some point in the meantime.

  5. Strain the coffee through a filter, into the container you want to serve the coffee from. Strain 2 or 3 times for a clearer and healthier coffee.

  6. Dilute by pouring on as much water as you poured coffee. This is to dilute it, as that concentrate is too strong to be drunk immediately.

Then serve as is, over ice or with milk.

How to brew Cold Brew coffee?

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In cafés, it may be that Cold Brew is brewed through a special cold water coffee brewer , and it takes a longer time to brew a cup. A special stand holds up a container of cold water that sends drops of water into a container in which there is ground coffee. The water is slowly filtered through the coffee, because the coffee is packed in height rather than width. When the water drop has made its way through the coffee, it goes down in a spiral of glass and finally lands in the container which is slowly filled with wonderfully cold coffee and then served. But it sometimes takes several hours to brew a couple of cups if you want to make it perfect.

There are also sets for home use , if you want it instead. It's a little easier and quite a lot cheaper, and a good option if you want to test it yourself!

But the advantage of cold brew coffee is not only that it is cold, it is also that the taste is stronger and intense. This is because it takes longer to brew the coffee. What is also good about cold brewed coffee, apart from the fact that it is a good way to drink coffee and cool off at the same time, is that you can get flavors that usually can not get when you brew the coffee hot. When you heat the coffee, you extract bitter acids from the coffee, and by brewing your coffee cold, you avoid these acids and instead get a more fruity and sweeter coffee. It is generally a more intense but also more refreshing coffee, which is not as bitter or as sour.

Of course, not everyone has a Cold Brew appliance at home and it can cost a lot to buy one. But if you are interested in buying a device, it is available to buy online . But making your own at home is, as you can see from the recipe above, not very difficult either, even without a special brewer.

Cold Brew coffee also has more caffeine because it takes so long to brew and absorb flavors from the coffee powder. So we at School of Coffee recommend you serve your Cold Brew coffee with a couple of ice cubes, and enjoy it in the sun!

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