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Coffee improve

Your Health

a study that shows

Drink more coffee and improve your health

A new study reported on in the well-known New York Times points out that coffee is not useless, rather the opposite. A journalist at the New York Times has researched and read studies that have examined the impact of coffee on human health on over a million people and what he has come up with is absolutely incredible!

We have always been told not to drink too much coffee. Apparently coffee is dangerous for our health and shrinks our bone structure, but this has been disproved with several studies for a long time. Now it has also been proven that coffee is useful for you. But not all coffee of course, this should be an honest cup of black coffee or espresso, but, milk sugar and lots of fat. Stay away from frappuchinos and caramel lattes from places like espresso house and Starbucks which in some cases contain up to 1790 calories!

It has now been shown that people who drink a fair amount of coffee (3-5 cups a day) have the lowest risk of getting heart disease, even lower than those who do not drink any coffee at all. It has also been said that coffee causes cancer, but this too has been proven false. People who drink a fair amount of coffee a day actually reduce the risk of getting liver cancer. But not everything is as good as it sounds, because if you drink coffee, it can actually increase the risk of getting breast cancer, so it is if you also smoke. Coffee only increases the risk of getting breast cancer if you smoke, not in any other case.

You might think so, but it does not actually end here. Coffee also reduces your risk of getting cirrhosis and if you already have cirrhosis, it reduces the risk of death and the risk of getting liver cancer. Did we mention that coffee can also cure hepatitis C and reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer's.

So with those words said, increase your coffee consumption to the right amount a day (3-5 cups) and live longer. But be careful, fit is always best as it reads in honest Swedish.

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