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all you need

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what is coffee?

Everything you need to know about coffee


Coffee is roasted coffee beans picked from the coffee bushes that are mainly grown and harvested in places such as Vietnam, Colombia and Ethiopia. Originally, the use of coffee bushes comes from Ethiopia and goes back as far as 2000 years. Then the bushes were out on the plains of Ethiopia where the locals used the bushes and made drinks on them. Today, coffee is a billion-dollar industry and is said to be the world's second most important export commodity after oil. Around 500 billion cups of coffee are brewed each year and approximately 7.4 million tonnes of coffee beans are produced. In total, there are over 100 different species of coffee beans that grow in different places around the world. The Arabic coffee is said to be the one with the most aroma and is also the most popular of the coffee beans.

Coffee has been appreciated around the world for its distinctive aroma and its effect of both warming and invigorating the body when ingested. Consuming the drink with other people is seen in different cultures such as socialization and relaxation.

What is Coffee?


First, the berries are picked from their branches and the berry pickers remove the pulp from the berries. There are then left between one to two seeds, the seeds are called coffee beans. The beans can later be left to dry, preferably out in the sun to preserve the natural ripeness. Later in the process, the beans that are laid out on concrete floors out in the sun are sorted. There, beans are sifted away with inferior quality. You look at the colors and size of the beans, among other things. Then you let the beans age to get the best taste, a year is said to be a good rule of thumb for quality coffee beans. The last thing that happens to the beans is that they are roasted and ground into fine-grained mass which is later used to brew the coffee.

It's not just the coffee bean that has several variations. The way the drink is drunk is also multifaceted. Today there is a large selection of varieties of brewed coffee. Among other things, Espresso, Caffélatte and variations with alcohol blend such as Irish Coffee. There are also alternatives for those people who want to avoid the invigorating effects of coffee and choose to enjoy a coffee without caffeine. It is caffeine that creates the invigorating effect in the body after drinking a cup of coffee.

The production of Coffee
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