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Barista training Digital

Graduating barista education online

boka kurs digital
Excerpts from the digital education. This is part of the lessons that will be covered during the course, one of the over 15 different modules that are included.
Are you then interested in joining a practical part? This is how you should register for the Barista Bas courses. Read more about Barista Bas here
Focus on knowledge
and curiosities

We emphasize that an education with us at the Scandinavian School of Coffee gives you a good foundation to stand on, not only in terms of coffee knowledge, but also to be able to successfully work in the café industry as a barista. not only provides theoretical knowledge about coffee, beans and equipment.

Our goal is that after completing the course you should feel comfortable and at home in the café environment, and what requirements may be relevant and know. At the same time you can easily take the course from home and on your own terms.

After completing the course, you will receive a test and a certificate that you have taken the course.

Does that sound like something for you? Sign up with us.

Barista training that teaches you the basics

We are proud that 96% of everyone who attends our educations recommends us to others. Our online education, the first of its kind in Sweden, has received very good reviews and reception. It is based on over 10 years of experience in teaching about coffee and the barista profession, compressed to pass on the knowledge easily, fun and pedagogically.

Our educations have become an obvious part of starting their careers in the barista world, and many have over the years worked in successful cafes, from Malmö in the south to Umeå in the north, and not only in Sweden but also internationally.

Image by Jakub Kapusnak

About Barista Digital

Barista Digital is an online course for you who have very little or no experience from the café and service industry, but want to learn more. It consists of over 15 different lessons, which are several hours in total. They go through everything from what characterizes a good espresso, what distinguishes different beans, to many interesting factual details and insights about coffee and its eventful history. You can then supplement it with a practical part, or both go together the course

Barista Bas

This digital course on coffee is a kind of distance course, and is held entirely online. You go through all of the material in your own pace. After the course, you can supplement with the practical parts, if desired. But in this part, the focus is on knowledge, conveyed in an educational and profound way. It gives an introduction to the profession and to coffee. Registration can be found here .

If you are interested in including the practical parts, check out our Advanced courses, which combine the theory with lots of practice in making espresso drinks and coffee. These are held in Skåne, Helsingborg, and in Stockholm . They are multi-day barista courses , and sometimes also as a summer course as a barista . If you are interested in this as a company, there is more info at: company courses coffee .

Kommande kurstillfällen:

Online kurser -

Börja när du vill! 

Barista bas

20-21 Juli 2024 (Malmö)

17-18 Aug 2024 (Göteborg)

28-29 Sep 2024 (Stockholm)

Kaffekurs: Kväll (Helsingborg)

 24 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20

Latte Art Basic

25 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Malmö)

16 Aug 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Göteborg)

30 Sep 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Stockholm)

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