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Barista education Basic

Graduated barista education with
theory + practice

Boka kurs bas
Barista Bass with practical learning module.
Practice and learn all about coffee

During the practical part of the lessons, you will learn the craft of making a really good coffee. All the details are involved - from how to make perfectly skimmed milk, to how long a good espresso should be brewed. Of course also a barista's art - laughter! You do not need any previous knowledge to take this course.

The practical module contains:

  • Espresso brewing

  • Preparation of all different coffee varieties - everything from simple espresso to a real cappuccino

  • Training in milk frothing

  • Introduction to Latteart

All this takes place in our large espresso stations, where several participants simultaneously practice their skills under the constant supervision of our barista experts and latte masters.

Theory for becoming a good barista

Before you do the practical parts, you get access to the theory, which you read at your own pace from home. Here you get to learn everything about coffee, everything from different coffee beans, different brewing processes to how espresso machines work.

It comes i.a. learn:

  • What is the difference between good and bad coffee beans

  • How does coffee roasting work?

  • Why the milk is skimmed

  • How an espresso machine works

In addition to that, a large amount of other things, such as the history of coffee, and why Italy is considered the homeland of espresso.

Image by Daniel Norris

About Barista Bas

We are the basic barista education in Sweden, which offers a complete education. To become a good barista requires a lot of training - even after a weekly course with us, there is still a lot to learn!

Barista Bas is a combination of digital training of the theoretical plus a practical module done in a cafe.

Barista Bas are barista courses that last for a few days with 8 hours of practical training every day. The course Barista Bas contains everything from the course Barista Digital, plus practical exercises and knowledge in a café environment. In total, there is over 20 hours of training time. The course is aimed at those who want to learn as much of the basics as possible in a short time. You do not need any prior knowledge. Registration can be found here . If, instead of the weekly course as a barista, you are interested in our only theoretical educations, see our digital course for barista . For companies, see the barista business courses page.

Kommande kurstillfällen:

Online kurser -

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Barista bas

20-21 Juli 2024 (Malmö)

17-18 Aug 2024 (Göteborg)

28-29 Sep 2024 (Stockholm)

Kaffekurs: Kväll (Helsingborg)

 24 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20

Latte Art Basic

25 Juli 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Malmö)

16 Aug 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Göteborg)

30 Sep 2024, Kl. 17-20 (Stockholm)

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