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Malt kaffe

Coffee knowledge

Fun curiosity and knowledge of coffee

Different coffee drinks

Coffee knowledge

Here we collect fun curiosities, fun facts and deeper knowledge about coffee. Browse the articles and marvel at everything about coffee and the barista profession!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Different coffee drinks

Best machine

for the home?

Barista Making Drip Coffee

Best machine for the home

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Everything you want to know about coffee

Image by Alex Chernenko

Aeropress coffee brewing

Image by Mike Marquez

Good Italian


Image by Briana Tozour


Latte Art

Image by Rodrigo Flores

The coffee plant must mate

Image by William Moreland

Aeropress kaffe

Image by Matt Hoffman

Cold Brew
- Den kalla kaffe trenden

Image by Shengjun Shi

The grinding on espresso coffee

Latte Art

To skim milk

Image by Christian Joudrey

The taste of coffee is affected by the height of the plant

Image by Clay Banks

Coffee improves health

Image by Brooke Cagle

Become a coffee expert

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Everything you need to know about coffee

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